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About TempShift

From frustration to fulfilment – a true story.


When I worked in a bar, it often niggled me that when a team member rang in sick or we were struggling to find holiday cover, the rest of the us ended up running around like headless chickens just trying to cope. Does this sound familiar to you?


I began to think, I wish there was a way to reach out to lots of local people at relatively short notice and ask if they wanted to work that night or the next day. That niggle became an idea, that idea became a company. TempShift was born.


10 years later , TempShift lets business owners / managers post a shift on-line with all relevant the relevant information including rate and hours so that people can search quickly and easily for some extra work.


When the shift is posted, it automatically notifies all registered jobseekers in the local area, actually we call them heroes, so they can apply through the site or contact the hiring manager directly.


The great bit, well we think so, is that the more a business uses the site or someone looking for some extra work either side can rate them in the end making it easier and faster. I think that makes everyone happy.


Whether you’re a business owner or manager, I’m sure you'll be able think of times where a member of your team wasn’t able to work, you rang around your usual group of staff who can cover and nobody was available, so you ended working twice as hard to make sure your customers remained satisfied with what your were providing.  That’s admirable but you don’t have to drive yourself into the ground when TempShift can help and allow you to get on with managing the business and providing your normal excellent customer care.


Using TempShift hiring staff at the short-notice is possible because unlike normal recruitment or hiring methods that might take too long or cost too much, TempShift only charges businesses a tiny monthly fee from £5 a month to be able post their shifts. Pretty good hey? So why not register today and take advantage of the 30 day free trial to test us out.


TempShift is the modern way of using short-notice shift based hiring using the wonders of the internet.


Thanks for reading, I’ll write again soon. Give us a try, take the pressure off and keep your focus on making your business a success.


Best wishes,

Marty and The TempShift Team.

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