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New way for an old way.

May 05, 2015 admin

Since businesses have begun trading staff have been found and hired by word of mouth, this is how I have found jobs before and therefore saved my new employers lots of time and money with recruitment agents.

TempShift provides a solution for mass word of mouth reach, when you want to find staff but dont want to spend lots of money and waste time with recruitment agents, we enable you to post the shift you would like to be worked and we'll contact all the available people. Those that want to work your shift will apply to you through our app or website, you can review their working history and what others have said about them.  Then you can Approve or reject who you want to work.  Its as simple as that, they will turn up and work the shift, if you like them there is nothing to stop you offering them a more permanent or regular position.

We aim to make it easy for businesses like you to find a great team, fast and at a reasonable price.

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